Vitto Rossi FW2013-14

Vitto Rossi Fall-Winter 2013-14 photography and post-production: Sergei Chyrkov photographer’s assistant: Vadim Novakovs

Natali Bolgar FW2013-14 campaign

model: Ksenia Shokhet (LineUp Modeling Group) photography and postproduction: Sergei Chyrkov make-up: Anny Bazhanova (Aldo Cop

Desserts lookbook

Lookbook photoshoot for Desserts dresses.

Holy Immersion

Model: Maria

Swamp Mermaid

Model: Angelina (Art-Podium MA) Stylist: Helen Labartkava Photographer: Sergei Chyrkov

Lovely Sunny Days

models: Helen, Dmitrii and their little boy Ilusha style and make-up: Helen Labartkava photography: Sergei Chyrkov clothing: T

Fashion Point: Fall-Winter 2012-13

Fall-Winter 2012-13 campaign for multibrand store “Fashion Point”. Style: Snezhana Gulyaeva Make-up artist: Netali

“Gorod” Fall 2012

Fall campaign for multi-brand store “Gorod” project manager: Nataliya Valovaya (IMG Branding and Consulting) photo

Matreshka – Fall 2012

Advertisng campaign of a new Fall collection for the multi-brand store “Matreshka” Photography and post-production

Julia Aysina Summer 2012 Look-Book

Julia Aysina Summer 2012 Look Book photoshoot style and clothing: Julia Aysina photographer: Sergei Chyrkov make-up and hair:

Rosenberg & Lenhart

winter 2011 campaign shoot for Rosenberg & Lenhart producer and style: Julia Makarenko staging: Aleksey Tereshenko photogr

Lewis Carrol It’s Me

Photoshoot for FAMILIA magazine. №3(26) Fall 2011 producer: Sylvia Bronetskaya photographer: Sergei Chyrkov photographerR

Kids Couture Summer 2011

look-book shoot for Kids Couture summer 2011 producer and stylist: Julia Makarenko photographer: Sergei Chyrkov


Photoshoot for Shop City magazine #37 2011 and winter 2011 campaign shoot for “Palermo Boutique” model: Kseniya Fr

Violet Rose

model: Natalya Ivanova (Art-Podium MA) photographer: Sergei Chyrkov hair and make-up: Olga Voynikova